Sea.Sons 2 

Butoh Dance Festival for Young Generations

Workshop. Performance. Nature

Everything flows, The source turns into estuary, The arrival becomes a new start. We are all rivers that want to lead to the womb of their origin. We are all Sons of the same Sea in the endless cycle of the Sea.Sons of life.


Sea.Sons 2 is a Butoh Dance Festival taken place in Austria. We will stay in a typical Tyrolese wooden house right in front of the mountain lake Frauensee, surrounded by a magnificent forest. Sea.Sons 2 is Workshops, Performances, Being with Nature, Symposium, Video and Photo exhibition, and more. In the first edition of Sea.Sons Festival, which it was held four years ago in Munich (Germany), we created a space and time where different generations of Butoh dancers met in order to look back to the origin and also to glance on the present of Butoh dance. With this Second Edition of Sea.Sons Festival we wish to focus our work in offering an opportunity to young generations of Butoh dancer, to share their work in nature with peers in order to look at the development perspective in the nearest future and flow free to the ocean of creation.


This Second Edition of Sea.Sons Festival will be characterized by the work theme: “Dance Resurrection – A new Season of the body”. Resurrection literally means “to stand up again”, to reborn to life or awaken from a long sleep. Tatsumi Hijikata (The Ankoku Butoh founder) used this metaphor to describe his dance: „Butoh is a corpse standing straight up in a desperate bid for life.“

Dance is an art of continuous transformation, like the season during a year. An artist in order to dance need to connect with this phenomenon. Resurrection is a consequence of the creation, everything in nature first rise and then decline, but true dance is when we reborn again after many falls. Here is another Hijikata famous quote: „Again and again we are reborn. It is not enough simply to be born of the mother’s womb. Many births are necessary. Be reborn always and everywhere. Again and again.“

We will focus our research on the every dancer’s ability to go through the winter of his body and his soul. In every artist there is the potential to stand up from the darkness, to continue to dance over and over. As long as there is dance, there is life. As long as there is passion there is resurrection.

We wish the students to confront with this theme and to find a direct link with the natural environment. Nature is the place where everything origin and continue to turns, as the water after being flowed, along the rivers, returns to the great Sea. The body has many ways of access, as the earth has many rivers, all converge towards the same place. We are all Sons and daughters of the same Sea, we are all dancing on the face of the same earth, we are all on the same journey through the inevitable circle of creation. In art as in life nothing stays the same, everything is changed into a continuous regeneration. From the depths of a harsh winter, springtime rises again, offering to the dancing body a new season of creation.


The teaching proposal is based on the principles and philosophy of Butoh Dance and on related basic technics that the teacher has developed in more than 20 years of experience. The daily work is organized in three phases (indoor and outdoor): Physical Training focused on flexibility, balance and strength, in order to raise awareness and stimulate attention. Preparatory exercises to create a „Sensory Vocabulary“ and to develop a full awareness of the body. Finally a work on dance improvisation and a work on the technique of “mental images” to sharpen a deep and true presence. Special attention will be addressed to the dance practice in nature according to the Festival theme.


The students, properly guided by the teacher Alessandro Pintus and helped by the assistant Alexander Wenzlik, are encouraged to develop their solo performances in nature inspired by the Festival theme “Dance Resurrection – A new Season of the body”. During the week we provide our expertise to facilitate individual projects of all participants with workshop sessions, dance improvisations in nature, feedbacks and practical support to organize the performances. Dancers will have the opportunity to realize and to present their own solo performance during Friday 8 and Saturday 9 September.


The symposium represents a window open, an instrument to ponder together on the Festival theme. “Dance Resurrection – A new Season of the body”. Almost 60 years has passed since the first appearance of Butoh on the dance scene. All around the world masters are teaching and students are developing their dance research. Young Butoh dancers with different cultures and experiences, coming from all over the place, will meet for a moment of sharing of their work. The symposium aim to offer an occasion of exchange between young artist that have a common artistic origin, but different paths, like rivers that run independently and parallel towards the great sea, all born from the same water.


If you wish to participate in Sea.Sons 2 Festival, please complete the Application Form (Application Form Sea.Sons 2), sign it and send it to us by email ( including a portrait photo before 15th July. Please send your email with the following subject: “Sea.Sons 2 Festival Application Form”. Incomplete applications cannot be considered.

All kind of dancers and performers of all ages are welcome to apply. We will accept maximum 15 dancers between professionals and non-professionals. Wait for our answer before to send the Registration Fee.


Registration Fee: € 480, including workshop, accommodation and food. Participation is guaranteed only via bank transfer of € 250 (First Rate), not later than 15th of July and the remaining amount of € 230 (Second Rate) before 15th August 2017.

Transfer workshop fee with the code word “Frauensee 2017” to our account:

Alexander Wenzlik

Münchner Bank eG

IBAN: DE297019 0000 0001 7117 76



Freizeit – und Fortbildungshaus Frauensee, c/o Pädagogische Aktion e.V., 6600 Lechaschau, Österreich

House “Frauensee“ of the “PädagogischeAktion“ is located in a beautiful area close to a lake, surrounded by woods. Unique position at the height of 1000 meter, no traffic and a lot of possibilities of leisure and hiking activities. In summer it is possible to swim in the lake.

The nearby located small villages Lechaschau and Reutte are only 2 and 4 km distant.

Location of “Frauensee“ to cities like “München“, “Insbruck“ and “Füssen“


All rooms are equipped with central heating and a sink (hot and cold water).

At the ground floor there is a complete equipped kitchen, a small and a big breakout room and a refectory. Besides there are two big terraces and enough toilettes and bathrooms with shower and bathtubs.

Journey there

With car and small bus via 1,5 km long mountain road. Parking places are close to the house.


Rail connections from Munich to Reutte

The fastest connection is 2,5 hours from Munich via Garmisch-Partenkirchen: departure times at 15th of September: 6:32 am, 8:32 am and 10:32 with the regional train

Another connection from Munich is via Füssen, departure times at 15th of September: 6:53 am, 8:53 am und 11:52 am with regional train and Bus

There is also a connection via “Kempten“, departure times at 15th of September: 7:20 am, 8:52 am, 9:19 am und 11:19 am with regional train ALX

Connections from Innsbruck:

Connections from Innsbruck via Mittenwald and Garmisch-Partenkirchen with regional train


Alessandro Pintus is a dancer, choreographer and teacher, he is member of the first generation of Italian Butoh dancers. He started to explore Butoh dance since 1996 He trained in Europe and Japan with the most representative masters. He is currently running an intense artistic and didactic activity in Italy and Europe since 2000. He founded NON COMPANY in 2001, a dance research team that takes care of investigating the hidden meanings of the Butoh dance. In 2011 he was invited to participate to the 5th International Butoh Dance Festival eX…iT! in Schloss Broellin (Berlin – Germany). He was teacher at the „Master of Social theatre and Drama therapy“ for the Department of Arts at La Sapienza University in Rome. Actually he is teaching his method for R.F.A. (Roma Film Academy) at the Cinecittà Studios in Rome.

asperformance is a Butoh Dance Group founded by Seda Büyüktürkler and Alexander Wenzlik in 2011. Under this label they present own Butoh performances and co-productions with other dancers. asperformance is organizing workshops, performances and events about Butoh with german and international dancers, choreographers and teachers. Since 2012 Alexander Wenzlik und Seda Büyüktürkler are teaching together Butoh in workshops and open lessons. The collaboration between Alessandro (NON Company) and asperformance started in 2012. Since this time they organized together a row of workshops and Butoh events. The two most important projects are the intensive Butoh work in nature at Frauensee, which is running since 2013 and the first Sea.Sons festival 2013 in Munich.


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