Performatives Symposium „Transtopie“
Mit CHAKKARS, Taigué Ahmed, Mario Lopez, asperformance, NON Company

05. März 2020, HochX Theater und Live Art

In short impulse lectures and with performative demonstrations, local artists work on different approaches to create permeable spaces within society through political art. How do structures emerge that make change possible?

Art should be political. But what do approaches look like to create real spaces with artistic means that enable or even force social changes? The Transtopie dance symposium is about combining lectures with demonstrations and not just talking about dance. Four very different teams of artists discuss issues such as style, work structures, tradition, education, architecture and cast. The lecturers are people who work in the Munich independent scene and especially at HochX as well as in international contexts. All articles are translated into English.

Alessandro Pintus (NON Company) and Alexander Wenzlik (asperformance) are working since 2017 with semi-professional dancers from all around Europe on Apocalisse Nova: A Butoh Dance choreographic project inspired by the masterpiece of the Renaissance painter Luca Signorelli, placed in the Nova Chapel at the Orvieto Cathedral in Italy.

Since the Renaissance represented a revolution in the European culture, with this project they investigate the need for a new Renaissance today, that gives us the opportunity to transform the way we consider art in relation to society. They believe that every artistic revolution has something in common with the meaning of the Apocalypse as a “Revelation” of different ways to conceive body, space and time.

In their talk they will give an introduction to their working method and a perspective on how to exist and survive as independent Butoh Artists in this dance society and in our modern culture.

Begleitprogramm Tanzplattform Deutschland 2022