Dance Genesis
intensive Butoh Workshop mit Alessandro Pintus

vom 17. bis 18. März von 10:00 – 19:00 Uhr
i-camp / neues theater münchen, Entenbachstraße 37, 81541 München

The work that will be introduced comes out by experiences developed during 15 years of dance research. Part of the training consists in offering the opportune body tools to develop our self and our own abilities. This workshop wants to be a research in progressive evolution, through a process that allows the dance to emerge organically. Despite an indoor training, part of the workshop possibly will be led outdoor in nature, in order to direct the awareness towards a new dimension of feeling.
The main working concept is based on the 4 alchemical elements. The body itself include all the 4 elements present in nature (Air, Water, Earth, Fire). We will investigate the inherent possibilities of the body to transform, through dance, the raw elements of the nature, in refined nutriments, useful to increase our own awareness.
The work will be organised in different phases:

• A first part of physical training mainly focused on strength, flexibility, balance and mind-body dislocation. It also aims to favour the listening of the body, amplifying the feelings and the perception of it.

• A central part based on working with mental images. A way to sensitise and stimulate the attention. This is a process that will lead us to perceive with the totality of the body. We will explore the deep bond that exists between images and body and how the former can inspire the dance.

• A last part in which the attention will be turned to improvisation, a dance process which allows creation in the moment of the execution.


The workshop is for all those who are confident with the moving body and desire to surprise themselves.