HUMUS – Eternal Revolution of Matter

Intensive Butoh Nature Workshop with Alessandro Pintus
From 9th to 15th September 2013 at Freizeit- und Fortbildungshaus Frauensee, 6600 Lechaschau, Austria


“When thou hast made the quadrangle round, then is all the secret found”(George Ripley, 1490 a. c.)

The theme of the workshop is focused on the element Earth and the possibility of the body to resonate through dance, with this element of nature. In addition to an indoor dance training, special attention will be addressed to the work in nature, in order to direct the consciousness towards a deep and organic dimension of perception. At the end of the working week there will be a final performance event, a way to share the work developed during the workshop with the people and the place that hosted it.

Humus, in Latin means Earth. According to the philosophy of the Traditional Chinese ;edicine, the earth element is the Fifth Season, which is the dynamic center that allows the rotation of the 4 seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn), which are associated with the four corresponding elements (Water, Wood , Fire, Metal). The earth includes all other elements, the world of plants, minerals, the water and the fire are all presents entities on our planet. The fifth season is the organizing principle of all that exists, the assumption that allows the other elements moves and transforms into each other. The earth is the Quintessence, which is the life force that holds together and puts in harmonious relationship, all the elements in every living being.

The earth is the Heart of the movement, the beginning and the end of each cyclic process. The earth symbolizes stasis, from which originates the movement and to which everything returns inevitably, in an eternal cyclic revolution of matter. The earth is the center of correlation of space and time, the balancing point of the four directions (Cardinal Points), the time and place of transition between one season and the next, especially in late Summer (September), before the beginning of Autumn, when the fruit of a year’s work are collected and distributed

Alessandro Pintus is a dancer, choreographer and teacher, he is member of the first generation of italian Butoh dancers. He started to explore Butoh dance since 1996. He trained in Europe and Japan with the most representative masters such as, Pierpaolo Koss Ko Murobushi, Masaki Iwana, Min Tanaka, Kazuo and Yoshito Ohno, Akira Kasai. He has also studied and worked with some European contemporary dancers such as Lindsay Kemp, Dominique Dupuy, and Enzo Cosimi. Alongside with that he is developing a personal research on Butoh, which has took him towards his own cultural roots. Taking responsibility to contextualise his work in order to meet a more authentic dance. He is currently running an intense artistic and didactic activity in Italy and Europe since 2000. He founded NON COMPANY in 2001, a dance research team that takes care of investigating the hidden meanings of the Butoh dance, exploring Italian cultural backgrounds. In 2011 he was invited to participate to the 5th International Butoh Dance Festival eX…iT! in Schloss Broellin (Berlin – Germany). Actually he is teacher at the „Master of Social theatre and Dramatherapy“ for the Department of Arts at La Sapienza University in Rome. He is also teacher at N.U.C.T. (New University of Cinema and Television) at the Cinecittà Studios in Rome.

Work philosophy:
Dance is an intimate and deep process. It is a universal language, a way to communicate upon the verbal. It changes with the Man, broadening the awareness to new dimensions and meanings.
The body never lies, it understands first and more quickly than the reason does. Its expressive possibilities, compared to the verbal language, are much more elevated. Dance originates in a very distant place and its language is so immediate that leaves us without words, opening our mind to a new and wider dimension of meanings. Through it we have the chance to converse with our inner secret essence and to approach our hidden and authentic desires, allowing ourselves to be act and to be lived from them. Everyone has the possibility to find the way to let their own dance revealing itself, to enlighten the inner darkness, pulling out images, feelings, movements buried deep inside. Therefore it results essential to listening carefully at the necessities of the body, amplifying our sensations and attention to the self and finally becoming aware of the different and deeper ways the body can exist and be perceived.


Freizeit- und Fortbildungshaus Frauensee, c/o Pädagogische Aktion e.V., 6600 Lechaschau, Österreich;
House „Frauensee“ of the „Pädagogische Aktion“ is located in a beautiful area close to a lake, surrounded by woods. Unique position at the hight of 1000 m, no traffic and a lot of possibilities of leisure an hiking activities. In summer it is possible to swim in the lake.


The nearby located small villages „Lechaschau“ and „Reutte“ are only 2 and 4 km distant.
Location of „Frauensee“ to cities „München“, „Innsbruck“ and „Füssen“.


All rooms are armed with central heating and a sink (hot and cold water).
At the groundfloor there is a complete equipped kitchen, a smal and a big breakout room and a refectory. Besides there are two big terraces and enough toiletts and bathrooms with shower and bathtubs.

with car and small bus via 1,5 km long mountain road. Places to park are close to house.

rail connections from Munich to Reutte:

  • The fastest connection is 2,5 hours from munich via Garmisch-Partenkirchen:  departure times at 9th of september: 6:30 am, 8:33am and 10:32 with the regional train
  • Another connection from munich is via Füssen, departure times at 9th of september: 7:52 am, 8:52am und 11:52 am with regional train and Bus
  • There is also a connection via Kempten, departure times at 9th of september: 7:20 am, 8:52 am, 9:19 am und 11:19 am with regional train ALX

connections from Innsbruck:

  • Connections from Innsbruck via Mittenwald and Garmisch-Partenkirchen with regional train


Early booking discount (including accomodation & food): € 350.-, by bank transfer not later than 31th of August 2013.
After this date the prize € 390.-

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