Intensive Butoh Dance Workshop led by Alessandro Pintus

15 and 16 July 2017 from 12 pm to 18 pm
Kindermuseum München, Arnulfstraße 3, 80335 München

Everything flows, the source turns into estuary, the arrival becomes a new start. We are all rivers that want to lead to the womb of their origin. We are all Sons of the same Sea in the endless cycle of the Sea.Sons of life.

This Workshop is an introduction of the work we will propose in the next Sea.Sons 2 – Butoh Dance Festival for Young Generation, at Frauensee in Austria, next September 2017. The theme of this workshop is related to the cycle of creation that every artist confront with during their research. As soon as a creative process starts, opens a new production cycle, then the exact and opposite force is also created. After every creation always follows decadence, love is preceded by its opposite. Even the purest light carries in itself a seed of darkness.

Every artist should know this phenomenon, which belongs to nature itself, and observe the environment in order to dance between the levels, between dark and light, rising up and falling down and up again in an endless rotation. Dancer need to be fluid like water, need to transform his body into a river that flow away, adapting shape, changing direction, always running back and forth to the origin of life. The river itself is a symbol of eternal life and perpetual transformation.

We will support the participants to find a direct link between this theme and their way to create dance. Our body is the place where everything origin and continue to turns, as the water after being flowed, along the rivers, returns to the great Sea. In art as in life nothing stays the same, everything is changed into a continuous regeneration. From the depths of a harsh winter, springtime rises again, offering to the dancing body a new season of creation.

The workshop is open to everybody even without previous experience. The teaching proposal is based on the principles and philosophy of Butoh Dance which includes physical training, preparatory exercises according with the theme, and dance improvisation based on the technique of “mental images”. Maximum 15 people. Pre-registration requested by sending email to info@asperformance before 1 July. Price of the Workshop 100€ to be payed at the Children Museum before the workshop starts.


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