Performances – Workshops – Symposium – Exhibition
14th to 26th of May 2013
i-camp neues theater München, Entenbachstraße 37, 81541 München, Germany


The body has many ways of access, as many rivers on earth, all converge towards the great Sea, from which all of us come from. Sea.Sons is Performances, Workshops, Symposium, Video review, Art exhibitions, and more. Sea.Sons is an event which represent the meetings between generations of dance artists. Sea.Sons is a creative space, the Sea which collect masters and pupils, as fathers and mothers, Sons and daughters. The wheel of life unites the spring and the result to dance together again before a new turn. Sea.Sons aim to be the acceptance of the inevitable circle of creation, and the art of dance is a sublime metaphor that is moved by life and death. We are all Sons and daughters which desperately dance on the face of the earth to pay back the debt to our existence to our spiritual parents.

Primordial Rain fecundates the Earth
Generous Mother who receives the seed
keeping in herself the secret of creation
Fruits of love dance up from the depth.
Everything flows
The source turns into estuary
The arrival becomes a new start
Descendants on the way back to home
We are all rivers
that want to lead to the womb of their origin
We are all Sons of the same Sea
in the eternal cycle of the Sea.Sons of life.



14 to 26/05, 7:30 pm to 10 pm: photo exhibition “Bewegung, Transformation, Dekomposition“ of Andreas Weimann und video installation „Body.Defect.Analyzing“ of Brigitte and Diether Spielmann-Sommer
(14/05, 7:30 pm: opening photo exhibition of Andreas Weimann)

14/05, 8:30 pm: performance Tadashi Endo “Ikiru – Hommage à Pina Bausch”,
SOLD OUT tickets € 20,-/10,-

15/16/05, 8:30 pm: performance Tadashi Endo “Fukushima mon amour”,
tickets € 20,-/10,-

, noon to 5 pm: Butoh-MA workshop Tadashi Endo, workshop fee € 180,- (€ 160,- in combina-tion with workshop of Alessandro Pintus)

18/05, 8:30 pm: perforamance Alexander Wenzlik and Seda Büyüktürkler „anicca lava„, tickets € 16.-/10.-

19/05, 7:30 pm: symposium “Butoh – A season in the circle of dance creation”, Moderator of Symposium is Kurt Würmli Ph.D., (free entry)

20/05, 8:30 pm: performance Lucie Betz “Ein Vogelnest in deinem Bart” and 9.30 pm: performance Stefan Marria Marb „Torso„, tickets € 16,-/10,-

22/23/05, 8:30 pm: performance Alessandro Pintus “Rubedo”, tickets € 16,-/10,-

24/25/26/05, 10 am to 6 pm: workshop Alessandro Pintus “PANTA REI – Seasons of the Body”, workshop fee € 160,- (€ 140,- in combination with workshop of Tadashi Endo)

26/05, 8:30 pm: Sea.Sons Party (free entry)